Australia Visa Application and Immigration programme

Australia Visa Application and Immigration programme, Get your Australian visa online right here on the application for your Australian e-visa will take a few easy steps, and you will get the answer within a day most of the time. the application is very easy to complete and should only take a few minutes.

There are a number of visa options, and knowing which visa to apply for should be the first step taken when making plans to travel to Australia. We’ve divided the visa classes into the following four categories.

Determine Australia Visa Application and Immigration Programme

Once you have submitted your application, the staff of Auvisa Visa Services will go through your online application and make sure everything is correct …and in case your native language is not English – feel free to use your own language while filling in the application. Our experts will translate the application for you.

The following Australian visas allow the holder to visit Australia on a temporary basis. The visas you are eligible for depend on which country your passport is from. However, if you’re confused about which visa you need for your trip to Australia, use our fast, easy online travel visa advisor to find out exactly which visas you are eligible for when travelling to Australia.

Australia Visa Application and  Immigration Programme, Attach documents to an application

The documents you give us depend on the visa or citizenship you apply for.

Your application form tells you:

  • what documents to attach
  • whether to attach documents before or after you submit

The Australia eVisitor is valid for short stays for tourism or business purposes. It was implemented to create a reciprocal short stay travel arrangement for nationals of Australia and the European Union within the existing Australia visa system.

Passport holders from all countries not eligible for eVisitor and ETA can apply for the Visitor visa for Australia, except for citizens of Somalia.

As a matter of fact, the visa policy in Australia is not complicated, and nowadays it is highly automated and digitalized, also thanks to online visa services:

After you receive your electronic travel authorization (ETA) you are free to enter Australia.

When you have completed all the necessary steps and been approved for an ETA you are well on your way to experiencing Australia: your ETA is valid starting on the date you are approved for it. For American citizens, the application process is typically so fast that many people seeking a visa to visit Australia don’t apply for it until just a few weeks before they are departing – but this is something we do not recommend.

Which countries are eligible to apply for the ETA?

All Countries are eligible to apply for Australia Visa and Immigration Service. Applicants are also required to provide a current email address to which the Australia e-visa will be sent.

In order to obtain your ETA , your passport must be valid. Also, most airlines travelling to Australia require your passport to be valid for a minimum of six months upon your arrival in Australia, so we recommend complying to this requirement to avoid any issue at the moment of departure.

  • You must not engage in any studies or training for more than three months
  • If you are at least 11 years of age and you intend to study in a class-room environment for a period greater than 4 weeks, you may be required to pass a chest x-ray examination before commencing your studies;
  • The holder must depart within the validity of the Visitor Visa (ETA); AND
  • If arriving on an ETA with criminal convictions, you could be refused entry into Australia.

How to Apply for an Instant ETA Tourist Visa

  • Complete the Online ETA Visa Application.
  • Enter travel information and passport details for each traveller.
  • After payment, your application is processed instantly and linked to your passport number.
  • Your ETA status is confirmed by email within a few minutes.

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There are a few things in the Australian visa application policy to be careful about though.